Customer Profile? A must do!

Not all products in the market are meant for every consumer; rather a particular customer won’t use all the commodities available in the region. While some products cater to young people, there are others which exclusively focus on mature adults. Certain commodities are meant for women; likewise, there are products and services targeting men.

Customer Profitablity Analysis

Customer profitability analysis is best conducted with a technique known as Activity based costing or ABC analysis. Customer profitability analysis helps the company understand the net profit coming from each customer which can be calculated by revenue less costs. These costs are not only manufacturing and distribution costs but also sales costs, marketing costs, services cost and any other related costs which have to be undertaken to service the customer.

Purchase intention

Purchase intention is the likelihood of a customer buying the same product again based on their purchase history. Or it can also be the NEED of a product which is driving the customer towards a purchase. Basically, the customer is now intent on buying a product and therefore is a prime potential. Retaining such customers is very important as they are likely to shift immediately to another brand because they are in the “Evaluation of alternatives” stage.

What are Switching Costs?

Switching costs are the costs that a consumer incurs as a result of changing brands, suppliers or products. Although most prevalent switching costs are monetary in nature, there are also psychological, effort- and time-based switching costs. A switching cost can manifest itself in the form of significant time and effort necessary to change suppliers, the risk of disrupting normal operations of a business during a transition period, high cancellation fees, and a failure to obtain similar replacement of products or services.

Website traffic: What you must understand...

Website traffic is the amount of visitors and visits (sessions) a website receives or in simple words, website traffic is the number of people visiting your website. Here, traffic refers to the users who visits a website. For example, when you visit a website, the communication which happens between your desktop/laptop/mobile and the website server constitute the Website traffic.





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