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Purchase intention is the likelihood of a customer buying the same product again based on their purchase history. Or it can also be the NEED of a product which is driving the customer towards a purchase. Basically, the customer is now intent on buying a product and therefore is a prime potential. Retaining such customers is very important as they are likely to shift immediately to another brand because they are in the “Evaluation of alternatives” stage.

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One of the most important aspects which a marketer needs to analyze about himself is his marketing abilities. What kind of abilities does he has and how to apply those abilities in his field of choice. Which marketing abilities should he cultivate and which abilities should he ask his subordinates to groom within themselves.

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Switching costs are the costs that a consumer incurs as a result of changing brands, suppliers or products. Although most prevalent switching costs are monetary in nature, there are also psychological, effort- and time-based switching costs. A switching cost can manifest itself in the form of significant time and effort necessary to change suppliers, the risk of disrupting normal operations of a business during a transition period, high cancellation fees, and a failure to obtain similar replacement of products or services.

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Media releases, even those written by professionals, sometimes aren't that interesting. The trouble is, the same words and phrases crop up time and time again, which only serves to make the subject matter even more forgettable, not to mention meaningless.

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At the start of a project, it is important to know what to know what you expect to gather as much information as possible. This will often occur before you have landed the job, as it is necessary to have a meeting to help determine the cost and timeframe of the project. Once you have answered some or all of the research questions below, you will be provided with an accurate estimate in your proposal, as well as have a solid understanding of what you are looking for.

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With open source software, the source code is made public, so that anyone can adapt, improve or expand the software as they see fit. With numerous developers spread across the globe, solutions for bugs are resolved quickly and programs are constantly undergoing further development.
There are no high marketing costs involved, so that more investment can be focused on the product than happens with closed source software. Open source software is not free by definition, but it often is.

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The new marketing paradigm has shifted the emphasis from product and production, to selling, then integrated marketing within the holistic marketing concept. 

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