Trust & Confidence

 Trust is the basic foundation of any relationship in both professional and personal capacity. Honesty is the key that results in trust and sustains a relationship. It is a two-way street where both people should have the necessary trust in each other.

Be reliable and then build trust so that both of you can depend on each other to complete the work at your mutual satisfaction. If a person wants to encourage a healthy relationship or build a winning team in the workplace then remember that it is only possible by encouraging trust and positivity in life.

Transparency, willingness to share and authenticity are the main components that can help you in your desire to build trust. Remember trust is an open and honest emotion that is constructive as well as collaborative because it leads to better efficiency and productivity in life.

Importance of Qualitative Research to an Organization

Research and Development is one of the most significant and crucial parts of each and every organization irrespective of the industry domain. Right from understanding the needs and growing demands of the customers, working on the crucial presentations for investors and financial institutions, to doing a survey about the market and industry as a whole; research is required for each of the business operations.

It is quite imperative for companies to realize and follow the Importance of Qualitative Research and making it an integral part of the business operations and work ethics.

The customer lifecycle using CRM

Five steps to understand the customer lifecycle while using CLM CRM software.
Understanding the ‘customer lifecycle’ for users of CLM CRM platforms may sound like an esoteric theory better suited for the MBA students than for small business owners. Nevertheless, CLM (customer lifecycle management) is a concept and a strategy that brings more revenue and lower costs.

WOMM - Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is one of the oldest, and currently the strongest marketing tactic for any marketer. A newly launched product or service can become a hit or a flop due to word of mouth marketing. As the popularity and penetration of internet and social media rises, word of mouth marketing is becoming more and more important for all brands.

[HO1- Holistic Overview #1] IMPORTANCE OF STRATEGY

A document which is most important to your business or to your organization is the Marketing plan. This marketing or business plan is made after a lot of strategic consideration. Without strategy, a company will not move forward in an orderly manner. It will not know its own position in the market as compared to its competitor and hence, the firm will not be able to derive a competitive advantage.





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Holistic Overview #1

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