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Celebrity Marketing as opposed to celebrity endorsements is when a celebrity himself / herself needs to be marketed. There are professionals who take of the celebrities brand image and personality as well as all the elements necessary to build up a brand.
Celebrity marketing is a highly dynamic field, because as opposed to a firm, a celebrity is always in the public eye and each of his activities is being noticed. This further puts immense pressure on the celebrity. A sports celebrity will have considerably more pressure of performing as compared to a movie celebrity. However even in case of movie celebrities, a movie which flops at the box office ca have considerable impact on his brand image.

Marketing Implications of celebrity Marketing.

From Walking the right way, expressing in the right manner, wearing the right things to endorsing the correct brand, Everything has to be taken care of by the marketer in the case of celebrity marketing. A Celebrity is human but he is almost perceived as a deity in the mind of a loyalist. Sachin Tendulkar is god for cricketers just like Michael Schumacher is to Formula 1 enthusiasts. Thus the marketer needs to plan and replan in advance of how to build the brand of the celebrity along with contingency plans in case any mishap occurs. Ultimately the marketer should be smart enough to guide the celebrity because the marketer of all people should realize that it is an individual they are taking care of. Sources: PHMC GPE LLC - Marketing91 - Coffee break





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