Niche Blogging

Niche Blogging

If you have made up your mind about starting a blog, there are several ways you can do it. You may start a generalized blog with a broader interest. However, if you are a new blogger or someone who is just starting out, it may be a great option to make a beginning with a tried and trusted formula.

One of the profitable options would be to opt for Niche Blogging. What are Niche websites or how to indulge in niche blogging? We will cover the intricate details of what exactly is a niche blogging and niche websites in this post.

What is Niche Blogging?

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Niche blog involves creating a blog with the purpose of catering to a particular niche market. Niche blogs or niche websites as they are sometimes called, cater to a specific area. The genre covered can be a particular geographical area, a particular ethnicity, or a particular industry.

Of course, every blog out there can be considered to be a niche blog as it caters to one particular genre. However, in terms of the modern trends of the blogging industry, the concept of niche blogging has been narrowed down to mean a particular genre quite narrowed down. For instance, a website solely dedicated to feeding bottles, or a blog specifically dealing with the top 5 list of household items can be considered to be a niche blog.

You can monetize the niche blogs right away unlike the non-niche blogs with a host of options like ClickBank, Affiliate program, or CPA.

What is the use of Niche Blogs?

Well, niche blogging is exactly where the money lies. That should be a huge truth these days. With a niche blog, you can target a specific audience who will come to your site at regular intervals. In fact, you should be able to make millions if you know the art of creating the right kind of niche blog.

Most of the niche blogs come with affiliate links or some or the other form of pay per click options. That makes them one of the best options to make money – legally! The major purpose of niche blogs is to bring the reader to another website which then sells a product or service to the visitor. And you make money by way of commission.

Niche blogs tend to get less traffic than the nicheless blogs. But what makes them click enough is they cater to the targeted audience base. The traffic received by the niche websites is more likely to convert than thee un targeted blogs. Even when those blogs get a high volume of traffic, the rate of conversion would be considered low.

The Importance of Niche Blogging

Niche blogging comes with a host of benefits when compared to other platforms. There several factors that have made the genre popular enough –

1) Cost of Operation

The niche blogs can be one of the cost-effective blogging options. In fact, they can even be run through the use of free blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger. If you are ready to invest, you can opt for self-hosted blogs for a cost. However, the bandwidth and other requirements would be much low so that you can opt for the most affordable plans.

2) Profitability

If you are able to create a niche blog in a perfect manner, they can help you earn millions. In fact, there are examples of niche bloggers who have been able to earn enough to take care of their overheads to those who are earning enough to leave their salaried jobs. The fact that they are much closer to the final stage of the purchase funnel makes them the best option for earning money.

3) Targeted Audience

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Unlike the regular blogs which need to cater to a huge set of audience who may or may not be the recurring visitors to the site, the niche blogs cater to a targeted audience. It could be a group of a small audience or geography. If you can promote your writings well enough, there should be nothing that should stop you.

Why is Niche Blogging an Important decision?

If you are a blogger without much experience, you will start a blog with a wide range of topics. However, popular and professional bloggers tend to cater to a particular niche and thus are referred to as Niche bloggers.

A niche blogger will be able to be branded an expert in the particular niche. For instance, you can cater to headphones and manage a blog specifically dealing with headphones alone. You would thus be able to establish yourself as a Headphone niche blogger rather than catering to everything technical. Catering to all the information from all the niche will make you a blogger with news curating expert than establishing you as a news creator.

1) It brings you more audience

Niche blogging should be the best option for starting your career in blogging. It helps you target the minimum set of targeted audience. You can develop a list of loyal audience based on your blog and the niche it caters to.

2) It attracts quality advertisers

If you are blogging in a particular niche, you will have a loyal set of audience who are looking for specific information in a specific niche. Now that you are dealing with a single niche, advertisers who have a product or service to sell in the particular niche will definitely come to you. They would have better chances of buyers visiting the site than a site which caters multiple niche topics.

3) It can result in better SEO performance

When you are working on a single niche, there is a chance that search engines will consider you as an expert in the realm that you are working in. This can considerably improve your search engine ranking. Search engines normally focus on user experiences, and when you are able to provide them with the targeted information – you will have a better chance of finding yourself on the front pages. In fact, search engines will look for the content on the entire blog, and when it finds that site has relevant content in a single niche, it will go as a positive point in your favor.

The challenges to niche Blogging

Well, like with any other field of interest, Niche Blogging too comes with its own challenges and difficulties.

Some of the challenges you may come across when opting for niche blogging include

1) Content fatigue

Niche Blogging is all about dealing with a single topic or a single type of product. In most cases, the format for the content on these sites remains almost identical. Writers are always creative at heart and having to opt for a particular kind of writing year after year can make them fatigued.

Moreover, when you are dealing with the content that has multiple interests, you can write in depth and useful articles. Niche blogging involves working in a narrower spectrum, and thus you can soon run out of content. It could be possible that you could get stuck after around a year after continually presenting content pertaining to your niche.

The best way you can resolve this issue is to begin posting your content rather infrequently. Never make it a point to write a post once every two days. Leave even a one per week schedule. Get as infrequent as you would be able to push to. Whenever you post content, ensure that it is high quality. This will take care of the infrequency in your posts.

If you have chosen a niche that depends upon the current events, that should work best in your favor. You will continue getting a steady inflow of ideas and can continue writing quite frequently.

2) You are just One of them!

When you choose a niche blog, you will tend to be an authority, but still, there are several other blogs in the same genre vying for customer attention. You would need to be irreplaceable in your niche.

It would be easy enough to find another blog in your niche. That is exactly why we are focussing on the term if you are doing it correctly when referring to a niche blog. If you are churning out content after content like most others in your niche, you would end up being one of them and will have no loyal audience.

3) Boredom

Niche blogging has one other issue where you may end up getting bored of the niche you are working in. In fact, niche blogging will make you work obsessively on a single topic. This can make you end up getting bored really quickly.

It would indeed need perseverance and like we said before lack of aggressiveness. Ensure that you are also working with a multiple niche blog along with the niche blog. This will keep you interested enough in the topic, and the infrequent writing like we stated above can help you tide over the boredom associated with the particular topic.

The Parting Thoughts

Niche Blogging is indeed the best way to make a beginning with and establish yourself as a successful blogger. In fact, it will give you a platform to work with during the initial days of your career.

So, do not wait any longer. Start creating a brand for yourself and begin making money doing what you love doing the most. Choose a topic to blog right away and keep writing in a consistent manner to build your brand.

Want to chip in with your valuable information on niche blogging and share your insightful views on it? You are indeed welcome to share your views with us.

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