Who Knows What That Means?


Media releases, even those written by professionals, sometimes aren't that interesting. The trouble is, the same words and phrases crop up time and time again, which only serves to make the subject matter even more forgettable, not to mention meaningless.

Here's my suggestion of ten words that media releases (and websites too) should avoid:


  • Unique. Really? Are you sure? Even worse, "really unique" or "utterly unique" Check the dictionary if you ever use phrases like that. You can't have degrees of uniqueness. And don't get me started on "truly historic"
  • Leading. Says who? Compared to what?
  • Cutting-edge. Like "leading", only worse.
  • World-class. Again, a phrase with no practical meaning.
  • Next generation. Only appropriate if you're talking about Star Trek
  • Robust. As opposed to "liable to fall to pieces"?
  • Paradigm shift. No-one understands what this means.
  • Value proposition. Often combined with "totally unique" Words fail me.
  • Solution-driven. In other words. "useful"
  • Secret Sauce. One of the daftest, and most over-used phrases


Instead of meaningless, bland words that have no great value, use conversational words that make sense to listeners and viewers. Simple!


Sources: Coffee Break - A. Stevens - PHMC GPE LLC







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