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Social Media Consulting
Created: Tuesday, 23 July 2013 10:11
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Social Media Consulting

We provide three types of services:
  • Social Media Strategic Planning,
  • Social Media Consulting and Coaching,
  • Social Media Training.


Social Media Strategic Planning

Our Team work with you to develop a comprehensive social media engagement strategy that humanizes your brand, brings you closer to your customers – and your customers closer to you.

Based on extensive brand anthropology and research, we deliver a comprehensive plan that includes budgets, timelines, success metrics, and proposed tactics for each audience segment. This social media strategy program has been successfully implemented for most of our Clients, and centers around a genuine "Human capital" centric methodology.

If you’re looking to add some "lasting strategy" to your social media - this is the first inescapable step. Call now

Social Media Consulting and Coaching

We provide ongoing social media consulting, as:

      • Blog Setup and re-vamping, Content Strategy
      • Social CRM
      • Competitive Social Media Analysis
      • Social Media Tools
      • Social Media Outreach
      • Online Reputation Management and Brand design
      • Social Media ROI

If you need help starting your social media efforts, or need to enforce your current initiative to the next level, Call now for such a customized program.

Social Media Training

Half day, full day, and 1.5 day comprehensive social media training workshops and seminars that help you and your team understand the many nuances of social media listening and outreach. Designed for PR & Corporate Communication Agencies and in-house marketing departments, these interactive Workshops include many hands-on exercises, and interactive, small group breakouts.

Specific syllabuses include:

    • The Ways to Use Social Media
    • Social CRM
    • Social Media Business and Staffing Models for Agencies
    • Creating Thought Leadership With Social Media Content
    • Social Media Strategic Planning
    • Multi-Channels Social Media

If you’re to strengthen the social media understanding of your team in an exciting, educational environment, Call now .




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