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The new marketing paradigm has shifted the emphasis from product and production, to selling, then integrated marketing within the holistic marketing concept. 

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We provide three types of services:
  • Social Media Strategic Planning,
  • Social Media Consulting and Coaching,
  • Social Media Training.
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What is OpenSource?

With open source software, the source code is made public, so that anyone can adapt, improve or expand the software as they see fit. With numerous developers spread across the globe, solutions for bugs are resolved quickly and programs are constantly undergoing further development.
There are no high marketing costs involved, so that more investment can be focused on the product than happens with closed source software. Open source software is not free by definition, but it often is.
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Multi-channel Strategy (M.C.S.)

PHMC GPE provides you with the experience and insights, to build a comprehensive Multi-channel Strategy. We assist you to identify clear measurable objectives that are aligned to your wider business goals. Our approach incorporates a clear & reasonable ROI, so you can measure the direct and indirect benefits across every part of implemented actions for your business.

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