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Process - Web Design
Created: Friday, 16 August 2013 10:11
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Process - Web Design

We know you time is valuable, so making the website design process simple and easy for our customers is a top priority for us. Because we have designed, created & hosted numerous of websites, we have been able to refine the process to 5 steps.

  1. Website Design InterviewThe first step in the process is a telephone/skype/face 2 face conversation between you and your dedicated website Team who will be working with you from start to finish. The purpose of this conversation is to allow us the opportunity to learn about you and your business. What makes your business unique, your style preferences and your online goals.
  2. Website Design RecommendationsWe then present you with our design recommendations based on the information we gathered during your consultation, and revise the design as necessary to meet & exceed your needs. The number of revisions vary, but we keep at it until it's exactly what you want.
  3. Website CreationWe build your website, write the copy, insert the graphics, your visual identity and images and create the necessary forms.
  4. Website ReviewWe put your website on our website testing server so you can actually see your website in action. You review all of the content and we make any changes that are necessary. We then run the entire website through our search engine optimization analysis to insure your website is optimized and completely search engine friendly.
  5. Publish WebsiteUpon completion of the design process, we publish your website on the Internet. We also list your new website with Google, Yahoo! and Bing.


Nous offrons à nos clients une pallete de prestations, orientées "Nouvelles Technologies", via le médium internet, aujourd'hui canal incontournable de Marketing et de communication :
  • Marketing Internet
  • Dématérialisation -
  • Développement de site Web
  • Intégration JOOMLA !
  • Intégration vtiger CRM
  • Réseaux Wi-Fi communautaires
  • Marketing et Comm interne
Bien entendu, outre les développements produits, nous assurons la formation et le transfer de compétence nécessaire à l'exploitation de ces outils.


We propose our clients a full range of services, ICT oriented, Internet based, the inescapable Marketing & Communication channel :
  • Web Marketing
  • Online communication
  • Web site development
  • JOOMLA! Integrator
  • vtiger CRM Integrator
  • Community free Wi-Fi Network
  • Internal Marketing & Comm
Of course, PHMC GPE Teams provide the necessary trainings to allow our customers to use the right way the developed and implemented products.



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