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Internal Marketing
Created: Monday, 09 September 2013 11:15
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Internal Marketing

The Internal Marketing Concept

Holistic marketing incorporates internal marketing, ensuring that everyone in the organization embraces appropriate marketing principles, especially senior management.
Internal marketing is the task of hiring, training, and motivating able employees who want to serve customers well.
Smart marketers recognize that marketing activities within the company can be as important as, or even more so than, marketing activities directed outside the company. It makes no sense to promise excellent service before the company's staff is ready to provide it.

Internal marketing must take place on two levels. At one level, the various marketing functions-sales force, advertising, customer service, product management, marketing research-must work together. Too often, the sales force thinks product managers set prices or sale quotas "too high"; or the advertising director and a brand manager cannot agree on an advertising campaign.

All these marketing functions must be coordinated from the customer's point of view.


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