The Inbound Marketing Week

Inbound marketing is the process and strategies of Holistic Marketing which focus on bringing relevant customers and prospects to your website and business.


People today use the internet to find information on the products and services they need, and inbound marketing has become very successful because it targets consumers the way they shop.
inbound marketing provides consumers information and resources that attracts them to a company’s website where the business can then interact with their prospects. Inbound vs Outbound includes the utilization of blogs, content publishing, social media, social networks and search engine optimization.
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L’Inbound Marketing ou marketing entrant est simple à comprendre. Il s’agit d’une forme particulière du marketing qui permet de faire venir le client à soi plutôt que d’aller le chercher comme dans les formes traditionnelles. Ce concept se rapproche donc du Permission marketing  où il s’agit d’obtenir l’accord du client avant de le solliciter.
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