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Holistic marketing concept


Why everything matters....?

Holistic marketing concept can be defined as a marketing strategy which considers the business as a whole and not as an entity with various different parts. According to holistic marketing concept, even if a business is made of various departments, the departments have to come together to project a positive & united business image in the minds of the customer. Holistic marketing concept involves interconnected marketing activities to ensure that the customer is likely to purchase their product rather than competition.


Holistic Overview #1

Example of Holistic marketing concept
An organization will have different departments like sales and marketing, accounting and finance, R&D and product development and finally HR and operations. Thus, if you want to implement a holistic marketing concept in your organization, you need to ensure that R&D and product development take the feedback from marketing and sales to launch the product which is most likely to attract customers. On the other hand they need to work closely with accounting and finance to find out the exact budget for the project. Sales and marketing need to communicate to the HR the right kind of people that they need, and finally, admin and operations need to devise a plan to retain these people.

Thus, in the above manner, you get the right product at a right price with the right profits. Along with this you get the right people who will market your product in the right manner. If you do all these things, you are sure to get the right customer to your doorstep. This is the complete essence of holistic marketing concept. By doing the right things together as an organization, your product and brand stands a far better chance in being successful than compared to these elements working individually without any holistic vision.

Today, customer mindset is changing. Wealth is becoming lesser and debt is high. Thus customer purchases are being made after lots of thinking. Customers search offline as well as online for the right product and have good knowledge of the product before they purchase. It is likely that the customer has already made a purchase decision even before he enters the showroom. Thus holistic marketing concept is needed at this hour to ensure that the customer chooses your product over everyone else. Fotolia_56685242_XS Holistic marketing concept | ::: PHMC GPE LLC :::: Marketing & Corp. Communication Agency


A key driver of Holistic marketing is marketing communications. The job of marketing communications is to send the right message to the target group. By approaching various customer contact points, a uniform message can be sent to the customer. This consistency is likely to raise confidence in the customer for your company thereby raising the brand image.

Samsung is an example of Holistic marketing where the products are developed keeping the customer in mind, The showrooms are branded in the proper manner, the customer service is polite and the service is fast. Thus Samsung is an excellent example of Holistic marketing.

Some key concepts which are important in Holistic marketing are

Internal marketing – Marketing between all the departments in an organization
Relationship marketing - Building a better relationship with your customers, internal as well as end customers is beneficial for holistic marketing.
Performance marketing – Driving the sales and revenue growth of an organization holistically by reducing costs and increasing sales.
Integrated marketing – Products, services and marketing should work hand in hand towards to growth of the organization.

Thus Holistic marketing is a concept which is organization wide and helps the growth of the organization with the right marketing of the product. With the rise in competition and the limits placed on customers with finite financial resources, decisions will be scarce and as an organization we have to implement holistic marketing so that decisions are made by customers in our favour.