Values and Competition

We would like to talk in a few words about Values because this is one of the fundamental in your Marketing & CRM strategies, and values are very important in the future. More and more network type an organization you get, more and more important are values.
It is something that philosophists have written a great deal, but we can say that values of a society, values of a business or industry, values of an individual company, values of an individual employee they will create the norms, how people behave. This is important, we would like people to behave the way we have introduced in our strategies and we would like our employees to behave a certain way towards our customers, their colleagues.
This can be described also by trying to see values as a kind of a layer structure. We have a certain national culture, business culture, company culture, and we have sub-cultures in the company. For example in companies there can be a different sub-culture in sales department, different in maintenance department, and in accountant department, and they still have to be integrated in the company.
The value define the ways people act towards different groups. First of all customers, employees, owners, partners, suppliers and so on. So it will give a guideline for behaviour. Actions people are taking depends on values and that is why it is important to understand the values in the company. Read the full Article on Coffee Break .... The PHMC GPE Social Network