A Crisis Will Occur !


Some companies work on the assumption that a crisis will never happen. They're wrong. At some point, every company or high-profile individual will face a challenge to their reputation, which can be devastating if not handled properly.

Some people claim to be able to "think on their feet", and believe that they can cope with any situation. They're wrong. A crisis can develop so rapidly that you can be overwhelmed.

Every company has procedures to deal with staffing problems. The rules are often documented in great detail, even though they are used rarely. I've even come across organizations with a holiday and sickness policy that runs to over two hundred pages, yet their crisis procedures aren't written down, and rely on a few managers knowing what to do.

These days, crises are made worse by the immediacy of social media communication. Millions of people may know about your problem before you do. How you respond is vital. So here's a checklist of how to prepare:

  1. Ensure you have a crisis management plan
  2. Ensure everyone knows their role in a crisis
  3. Test the procedures at least once a year
  4. Communicate clearly
  5. Control the crisis communication, and declare it over when it's over
  6. Review procedures after every exercise or actual crisis
  7. Make sure key staff are trained



As always, it's about preparation, training and testing.

A crisis will occur. Will you be ready?


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