Customer Strategies is a versatile concept. It is very important because it gives us an opportunity to find the ways to make customers behave in a profitable way and adding value to themselves at the same time. To start we need one dimension we are using. I would like to draw this so that we take this one dimension which is adaptability. I will divide it into three parts.

Adaptability as a strategy dimension Here we have at this end of the line a situation where the customer adapts, and here we have a situation where the company adapts. In practice this means that the customer behaves according to the manuscript, or script, which is created by the company.

One example at this end is for example the fast-food restaurant McDonalds, the script or manuscript is created by the McDonalds company and the customers behave exactly as they have been instructed. They come in, they go to the encounter, they make their order out of the list they have seen above them and then they get what they want, they can not mix products, they can not make any special orders and so on and so forth. The customers adapt, this does not mean however that it is not customer-oriented, it is customer-oriented because McDonalds has studied the customers, what they like to do and they have added products and so on and so forth. But the customer is adapting to this script written by the McDonalds.

At this other end we have another situation where the customer is creating the script, or manuscript. Actually this means that the customer is giving instructions how the company has to behave in this customer relationship, This means in many cases that products are very customized or tailor-made. Products the company offers are according to customerĀ“s specifications. Sometimes the company needs to invest in some equipment in order to be able to deal with this customer relationship. Then there is an interesting area in between, what we call customer relationship adapts. This means that we have a company, then we have a customer, and there is a mutual relationship. This relationship is something that we are looking at now, the focal point is a customer relationship as such, not the company, but the relationship. We try to create a situation where both create the script together. It takes a longer time; it means that both have to adapt to a certain extent. But this may then create a win-win situation where both parties can benefit out of the better customer relationship.
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