Developing A Successful Marketing Plan

A successful Marketing Plan integrates all marketing activities with all other company departments to surround the consumer without them ever knowing they are being inundated with your message.
1.Define your goals: What do you want your end result to be? (This should be more than just “King of the World”)
2.Define your market: To whom can you sell to achieve your end goals? (Research, Research, Research)
3.Define your strategy: How will you sell your product? (Do you want to be known for quality – selling at a higher price – or as a mass marketer – selling at a lower price?)
4.Define your tactics: What are the specifics in selling your product? (What avenues / channels will you take to sell your product?) marketing-communications-19829_Page_01 Developing A Successful Marketing Plan | ::: PHMC GPE LLC :::: Marketing & Corp. Communication Agency