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This YouTube playlist give you an idea and allows you to watch some Webinar Segments of the Social Media Master Class  #smmc

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Customer Strategies is a versatile concept. It is very important because it gives us an opportunity to find the ways to make customers behave in a profitable way and adding value to themselves at the same time. To start we need one dimension we are using. I would like to draw this so that we take this one dimension which is adaptability. I will divide it into three parts.

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Social Media Master Class is a Webinar series about Marketing and Social Media available for you on "The Campus" & performed by Aly Cook / Aly Cook Marketing & PHMC GPE LLC

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Aly Cook is a music marketer with a wealth of experience in many facets of Business and Arts marketing. If you would like to spend time with Aly and have her help you with your marketing plan. Aly will be joined by Philippe E. Maille (PHD Marketing) from PHMC GPE LLC
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Our feelings about Coaching / Notre conception du Coaching

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Customer Road Map for strategic Marketing and Action plan

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Training...... A winning Tool!

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